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Wesley Adamczyk Speaks the Truth about Katyń

Chicago Polish-American author Wesley Adamczyk invited me to his home on July 14,  2011, to see his exhibition. As I make my way in, he advises me to watch out for the electrical cords running to a strategically placed floor lamp in his living room. He has positioned several lamps to shine on his collection of memorabilia […]

The Best in Documentary Filmmaking: The Officer’s Wife, a Must-See for Polish Americans

“The families don’t want retribution,” said Chicago filmmaker Piotr Uzarowicz at the hometown premiere of his film The Officer’s Wife today at the Chicago Cultural Center. “They want Russia to acknowledge the crimes committed at Katyn.” For seventy years, the murder of some 22,000 Polish officers and intelligentsia, Uzarowicz’s grandfather among them,  has been the dirty […]

Wesley Adamczyk on the Horrors of Katyń and Deportation

Chicago author Wesley Adamczyk was in Poland this week for the Warsaw Book Fair, May 12-15 at the Palace of Science and Culture, to talk about his book When God Looked the Other Way (University of Chicago Press, 2004), the Polish version of which (Kiedy Bóg Odwrócił Wzrok) was published last year and named Book of the Year […]