Iranian Librarians Examine
Historical Connections to Poland

Some 40 Iranian librarians, film critics, and other subject specialists met at the National Library in Tehran December 22 to examine the historical connections between Iran and Poland, especially with regard to the little-known story of how Iran helped Polish refugees escape to the West after being deported from their homeland to slave labor camps […]

Where Is the Welcome Wagon
for the Refugee Caravan?

I don’t know how I could be any more American. I believe in the rule of law. I believe the American Constitution is the greatest ever written. My freedom is what I treasure most in life. I have been around the world and have observed cultural and political environments in nations such as Pakistan, Ethiopia, […]

Toxic Polarization in Poland

“As in many other European countries, Polish society has become increasingly polarized in recent years. The main divide is strongly linked to feelings about national autonomy and identity. It is, broadly speaking, between those who want a Poland ever more closely integrated with Western Europe politically, culturally, and economically, and those who believe deeper integration, […]

Recommended: The Polish Presence
in American Screen Images

In The Polish Presence in American Screen Images, educator and film buff Joseph W. Zurowski annotates more than 800 films pointing out the “Polish presence,” how ever minuscule, in each. From well remembered to completely obscure, these films will surprise you, either because you never noticed that there was anything Polish about them or because […]

The Blessing of the Easter Baskets

Some 300 people crowded into St. Florian Catholic Church in Hamtramck, Michigan—along with thousands of people in other Polish churches around the world participating in the ritual blessing of Easter baskets. Święconka (Polish pronunciation sounds something like “Shfentsonka”) can be loosely translated as “the day of the blessing of the Easter baskets.” This beloved Polish […]

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Where Is the Welcome Wagon
for the Refugee Caravan?
Toxic Polarization in Poland