If You Were Starving You’d Eat It

How Polish Food Became French Cuisine “If you were starving you’d eat it,” my mother, the most adventurous eater and cook of all time, would say to me when I turned up my childish nose at just about everything she prepared. I would spend the meal picking out tiny pieces of onion from her meatloaf [...]

In Search of Perfect Pączki

I cannot be in Hamtramck, pączki capital of the world, on this “Pączki Day” (aka Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras) so I decided to seek out the best pączek I could find within a three mile radius of my house in Chicago. As most Polish Americans know, pączki are sinfully fat and sweet jelly doughnuts [...]

The Pillar of Chicago

“The Pillar of Chicago” is a short video about Chicago’s contemporary Polish community produced by the Polish Consulate in Chicago. Watch it on YouTube or the Polish Museum of America Website. ______________________________________________________________________

Polish Art Center, Hamtramck Museum
Open House Draws Large Crowd

An open house at the Polish Art Center and the Hamtramck Historical Museum in Hamtramck, Michigan, drew hundreds of visitors over the past weekend. Polish and not-so-Polish shoppers packed the Art Center and visited the Museum over the two-day event, which featured a fabulous luncheon buffet with coffee, champagne, and all the holiday cheer imaginable. [...]

Veterans Day 2017, in Memory
of Uncles in World War II

They weren’t even uncles when they went to fight in Europe and the Pacific during World War II, three of my mother’s four brothers—Stan, and the twins Joe and John. When I was born, in 1947, the war had been over for a mere two years. In all that time, I cannot recall ever having [...]

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