Recommended Reading:
Getting Religion by Kenneth L. Woodward

Kenneth L Woodward

Glad I am that I have lived long enough to read Getting Religion: Faith Culture, and Politics from the Age of Eisenhower to the Era of Obama by Kenneth L. Woodward (Convergent Books, 2016), Newsweek‘s religion editor for nearly 40 years. Woodward’s writing is stunning in its clarity and insight, as might be expected from a journalist who has spent his life documenting and analyzing the extraordinary changes the second half of the 20th century brought to religion.

Woodward states that 1968 was a year like no other, bringing rapid social change that challenged the norms established by Christian religions following World War II and begining an era of “movement” religion connected to social justice. From Martin Luther King to the Berrigan Brothers, divided the nation and families in ways from which we have not fully recovered and may again be experiencing.

In the end, what matters when it comes to religious belief? As a Catholic who has struggled his whole life over doctrine and tradition, in the end I am content to accept the mysteries of existence in as simple a manner as the nuns taught them, the joyful and the sorrowful.

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