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Recommended: Afterimage
Wajda’s Masterful Final Film

Afterimage screened for the fourth time anywhere October 23 at the Chicago International Film Festival. Directed by Andrzej Wajda, it is the great Polish director’s final film; he died suddenly October 9 at the age of 90. Set in post–World War II communist Poland, Afterimage recreates the atmosphere of his early acclaimed films such as [...]

Recommended Reading: Krysia,
A Polish Girl’s Stolen Childhood

“That night I was happy to be sleeping in my bed again, but in the middle of the night strange noises woke me. I got up and looked out the window but didn’t see anybody outside. The noise turned into a roaring, which grew louder and louder. Soon I saw tanks rolling and soldiers marching. [...]

Recommended Reading:
Ron Balson’s Once We Were Brothers

Once We Were Brothers by Ronald H. Balson is an exceptionally readable novel about the enduring horrors of the Holocaust. Skeptical about yet another book about the Holocaust, I approached Once We Were Brothers with trepidation, as I do most fictionalized works about that period in Polish history. Making entertainment out of the most heinous [...]

Recommended Viewing: Defiance
Noble Effort Plays Fast and Loose with History

There is no limit to my interest in films about World War II, so I am not sure how an interesting movie like Defiance did not catch my attention until eight years after it was made. The film succeeds on many levels in its effort to dispel the notion that all the murdered Jews of [...]

Great Recent Books about Detroit, My Home Town

“[T]here are deep problems here that people have been suffering through for decades,” says Amy Haimerl in Detroit Hustle: A Memoir of Life, Love, and Home, “I can only hope that enough of us force ourselves to see and face them together. I hope that the bankcruptcy will leave us closer to whole and make [...]