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Recommended: The Volunteer by Jack Fairweather

Polish Jews and Polish Catholics have engaged in a “who suffered more” war of blame since the end of World War II. It is an unwinnable argument that diminishes the true horror of the Holocaust as it fades into history and the last of its survivors grow old and pass away. It also feeds the […]

Recommended Film: None Shall Escape

One can only wonder why this movie has been so little seen and given so little credit for its powerful message. This is the film Henry Travers (Clarence the angel in It’s a Wonderful Life) should be remembered for; his portrayal of a Polish village priest is understated and unsentimental. Made in 1944, before World […]

The Establishment of Israel and Destruction of Poland

Some 20 people braved record cold yesterday to watch two new documentary films screened at the Gallery Theatre in Chicago as part of the 31st annual Polish Film Festival in America. You could blame the low turnout on the weather, but I suspect that even a balmy autumn evening would not have produced much of […]

Recommended Reading:
Fighting Auschwitz

Since founding Acquila Polonica in 2005, Terry Tegnazian has produced more than 30 titles, all of which present eyewitness accounts in English about Poland’s role in World War II, a topic that Tegnazian found neglected or misrepresented in mainstream publishing. Her labor of love is producing yet another remarkable contribution to this historical record, Fighting […]

Recommended: The Polish Presence
in American Screen Images

In The Polish Presence in American Screen Images, educator and film buff Joseph W. Zurowski annotates more than 800 films pointing out the “Polish presence,” how ever minuscule, in each. From well remembered to completely obscure, these films will surprise you, either because you never noticed that there was anything Polish about them or because […]