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Bibliotheca Alexandrina: A Video Visit to Egypt’s Recreated Library of Alexandria

Uploaded on March 27, 2008, this short video features Egypt’s Bibliotheca Alexandrina during the recreated Library of Alexandria’s 5th anniversary. As American Libraries Editor in Chief, I was given a tour of the library fit for a pharoah by then director of library operations Sohair Wastawy. First Lady Laura Bush was given a similar tour, [...]

Busia’s Sewing Machine

I parted with Grandma Brodacki’s Singer sewing machine last month. It was difficult because it’s been in my home since I was born, first in our farm house near Romeo, then in the little Rettell house on 32 Mile Road, then to apartments in Romeo, then on to my Detroit house and then to Chicago. [...]

Polish Film Festival Begins with a Masterful Wałęsa Biopic


The formal opening of the 25th Polish Film Festival in America at the Muvico theater in Rosemont, Illinois, November 9, played to a packed house. Dignitaries, filmmakers, and sponsors from Chicagoland’s Polish community and from Poland lent an air of glamour to opening night, as movie fans eagerly awaited the screening of legendary Polish director Andrzej Wajda’s Wałęsa. Man of [...]

Recommended Viewing: Imaginary Witness

The 2004 documentary film Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust, explains a lot about why the United States was so reluctant to enter World War II. The disturbing fact is that anti-Semitism, isolationism , and fascist leanings were so strong in America that Hollywood producers and directors were reluctant to make anti-Nazi films because they [...]

Recommended Listening: Chicago’s Megitza Quartet

Małgorzata “Maggie” Babiarz moved to Chicago alone at age 16 from a village in the Polish highlands. Today, she leads the Megitza Quartet, an innovative Chicago band described in Chicago Tonight television’s November 10 segment as a musical group that plays “an energetic mash-up of traditional and original music from eastern and southern Europe.”  Babiarz is [...]