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Bibliotheca Alexandrina: A Video Visit to Egypt’s Recreated Library of Alexandria

Uploaded on March 27, 2008, this short video features Egypt’s Bibliotheca Alexandrina during the recreated Library of Alexandria’s 5th anniversary. As American Libraries Editor in Chief, I was given a tour of the library fit for a pharoah by then director of library operations Sohair Wastawy. First Lady Laura Bush was given a similar tour, [...]

Backstage with Basia

“It’s changed over the years,” said Basia Trzetrzelewska when I asked her what she had observed about public perception of Poland during her 30 years of travel as an international singing sensation who tried her wings in Chicago in the early 1980s. ”I remember the interviews at the beginning; people would talk to me like somebody [...]

The Best in Documentary Filmmaking: The Officer’s Wife, a Must-See for Polish Americans


“The families don’t want retribution,” said Chicago filmmaker Piotr Uzarowicz at the hometown premiere of his film The Officer’s Wife today at the Chicago Cultural Center. “They want Russia to acknowledge the crimes committed at Katyn.” For seventy years, the murder of some 22,000 Polish officers and intelligentsia, Uzarowicz’s grandfather among them,  has been the dirty [...]

Tony and Janina’s American Wedding

President Barack Obama just returned from a visit to Poland, and the news reports are encouraging. He has thrown his support behind lifting the visa for Polish citizens who want to visit the U.S.A. Exisiting law was based on the refusal rate of visas rather than the overstay rate, Obama said in the Chicago Sun-TimesMay 29, and it [...]