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Suckling Pig

Just an ordinary day in Nowe Miasto Lubawskie at the turn of the millennium. My landlord Adam is up early, stuffing his bicycle into his car trunk. The sun is shining through the window and the Venetian blinds swing in the breeze. The horsedrawn wagons clip-clop their way down Narutowicza; cars whiz past them. A […]

Remembering Michigan Governor William Milliken

On August 26, 1966, the day after my 19th birthday, I attended in Lansing the Fall State Convention of the Republican Party of Michigan. I can barely remember the details, but I saved a copy of the agenda. The keynote speaker was Senator Robert P. Griffin. Governor George Romney (Mitt’s father) also addressed the delegates. […]

Busia Second Volume Sales to Benefit Museums, Church Restoration, Journalism Foundation

Book Launch & Signing Confirmed for December 21 & 22 The Hamtramck (Michigan) Historical Museum at 9525 Joseph Campau will host a book launch for Busia: School Days on the Farm with My Polish Grandmother by Leonard Kniffel on December 21, followed on December 22 by a book signing at the Polish Art Center next […]

The Brodacki Boys and PTSD

Not until 1980 did psychiatry establish the term “post traumatic stress disorder,” to describe war-related trauma. Although surely it has existed for as long as war itself, PTSD used to be called battle fatigue or shell shock. As recently as World War I, many psychiatric casualties were seen simply as cowards. Three of my mother’s […]

If You Were Starving You’d Eat It

How Polish Food Became French Cuisine “If you were starving you’d eat it,” my mother, the most adventurous eater and cook of all time, would say to me when I turned up my childish nose at just about everything she prepared. I would spend the meal picking out tiny pieces of onion from her meatloaf […]