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“Busia: Seasons on the Farm with My Polish Grandmother,” New Memoir by Leonard Kniffel has published a new memoir titled Busia: Seasons on the Farm with My Polish Grandmother by Leonard Kniffel, Chicago writer and publisher of this blog. The book chronicles one year in the life of a young boy and his grandmother on a farm in Michigan in the 1950s. “This warm and wonderful story, reminiscent [...]

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year:
Letter to Friends and Family

The highlight of 2016 for me was the 50th high school reunion of the Armada (Michigan) High School class of ’66. Reconnecting with old friends was wonderful, seeing what interesting and varied lives my classmates are living. Even more rewarding was talking with two of our greatest teachers, Mrs. Motherwell and Mrs. Corson, or “Winnie” [...]

Grandma Brodacki’s Recipes: Coffee Spice Cake

Spice was a precious commodity on our farm in Michigan, where I lived as a child with my grandmother, busia in Polish, while my mother worked in a Polish bakery in Hamtramck. One thing Busia knew how to do was stretch food. Using things that were readily available on the farm–eggs, butter, flour–she was able [...]

Recommended: These Beautiful Books Belong in Every Polish-American Kitchen

Sumptuously illustrated, Rose Petal Jam: Recipes & Stories from a Summer in Poland will give you a whole new perspective on Polish cooking. Written by Beata Zatorska and Simon Target, the book is based on the handwritten recipes that Zatorska discovered in grandmother’s village in Poland. Combined with memories of her childhood, Zatorska faithfully reconstructs [...]

Auntie Lucy’s Recipe Box: Date Cake

Auntie Lucy’s recipe card for this Date Cake says “Exceptionally Good.” The recipe came to my mother from her dear friend and landlady in New Haven, Michigan, during the 1940s, Marguerite Gardner, and presumes that you know the fundamentals of how to mix a cake batter and how long to leave it in the oven [...]