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Recommended: These Beautiful Books Belong in Every Polish-American Kitchen

Sumptuously illustrated, Rose Petal Jam: Recipes & Stories from a Summer in Poland will give you a whole new perspective on Polish cooking. Written by Beata Zatorska and Simon Target, the book is based on the handwritten recipes that Zatorska discovered in grandmother’s village in Poland. Combined with memories of her childhood, Zatorska faithfully reconstructs [...]

Auntie Lucy’s Recipe Box: Date Cake

Auntie Lucy’s recipe card for this Date Cake says “Exceptionally Good.” The recipe came to my mother from her dear friend and landlady in New Haven, Michigan, during the 1940s, Marguerite Gardner, and presumes that you know the fundamentals of how to mix a cake batter and how long to leave it in the oven [...]

Auntie Lucy’s Recipe Box: Sweet Yellow Peppers

Here is a recipe that my mother noted so quickly on a recipe card that she forgot to mention just how many yellow peppers were required. Presumably this is a useful recipe if your garden is exploding with yellow peppers or you got a great deal on a bushelful at the farmers market. What is [...]

Grandma Brodacki’s Recipes: Molasses Cake

Not exactly a “Depression Cake,” which would have been made not only without milk but also without eggs or butter, this version comes close, and was a treat that could be made easily and cheaply with molasses, an inexpensive by-product of the refining of sugarcane or sugar beets into sugar. Grandma Brodacki always cooked as [...]

Grandma Brodacki’s Recipes: Very Thin Cookies

My mother noted this recipe for “Very Thin Cookies” on a recipe card and labeled it “Mom’s.” I vaguely remember them around Christmas time, but my grandmother did not really bake cookies that often. My mother must have been fond of these, to make a special effort to write them down and stash them away [...]