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Auntie Lucy’s Recipe Box: Sweet Yellow Peppers

Here is a recipe that my mother noted so quickly on a recipe card that she forgot to mention just how many yellow peppers were required. Presumably this is a useful recipe if your garden is exploding with yellow peppers or you got a great deal on a bushelful at the farmers market. What is [...]

Grandma Brodacki’s Recipes: Molasses Cake

Not exactly a “Depression Cake,” which would have been made not only without milk but also without eggs or butter, this version comes close, and was a treat that could be made easily and cheaply with molasses, an inexpensive by-product of the refining of sugarcane or sugar beets into sugar. Grandma Brodacki always cooked as [...]

Grandma Brodacki’s Recipes: Very Thin Cookies

My mother noted this recipe for “Very Thin Cookies” on a recipe card and labeled it “Mom’s.” I vaguely remember them around Christmas time, but my grandmother did not really bake cookies that often. My mother must have been fond of these, to make a special effort to write them down and stash them away [...]

Auntie Lucy’s Recipe Box: Beef Pasties

My mother, aka Auntie Lucy, loved the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This fondness for the remote north, camping, and Lake Superior happened when I was grown and had moved to Detroit. I am quite sure that my mother never made Beef Pasties for me, but it is quite likely that she wrote down this recipe [...]

Auntie Lucy’s Recipe Box: Candied Sweet Potatoes

We almost never ate sweet potatoes when I was a child in Michigan, and we certainly did not “candy” them. My mother, aka Auntie Lucy, was an experimenter with food—much to my chagrin as a fussy eater. She wrote down this recipe from “Mrs. Helen Parkhust,” who was my best friend’s mother. The Parkhursts, as [...]