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Librarians Who Were There
Remember 9/11 on Film

Loss and Recovery: Librarians Bear Witness to September 11, 2001, a video documentary offering an oral history of the disaster in the context of libraries, premiered at the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference in Atlanta in 2002. As many as 200 librarians were working in or near the World Trade Center and the Pentagon [...]

Recommended Reading:
Fighting Auschwitz

Since founding Acquila Polonica in 2005, Terry Tegnazian has produced more than 30 titles, all of which present eyewitness accounts in English about Poland’s role in World War II, a topic that Tegnazian found neglected or misrepresented in mainstream publishing. Her labor of love is producing yet another remarkable contribution to this historical record, Fighting [...]

Piast Institute Announces
Death of Thaddeus Radzilowski

News release from the Piast Institute: PIAST INSTITUTE MOURNS THE PASSING OF DR. THADDEUS RADZILOWSKI Today, Piast Institute, our Polish-American family, and our Hamtramck community lost a great leader in the passing of Dr. Thaddeus C. Radzilowski. Earlier today, July 20th, he passed away surrounded by loved ones. Dr. Radzilowski was a highly accomplished historian [...]

Recommended: The Polish Presence
in American Screen Images

In The Polish Presence in American Screen Images, educator and film buff Joseph W. Zurowski annotates more than 800 films pointing out the “Polish presence,” how ever minuscule, in each. From well remembered to completely obscure, these films will surprise you, either because you never noticed that there was anything Polish about them or because [...]

Happy Mothers Day

I remember watching many years ago I Remember Mama, the 1948 film about a Norwegian immigrant family circa 1910, and finding something touchingly familiar about the mother, played so endearingly by Irene Dunne. She was the perfect mother, so kind and generous and frugal and optimistic. She reminded me of my grandmother. She did not [...]