Booklist Review of Busia:
Seasons on the Farm with My Polish Grandmother

Booklist Online Exclusive: May 18, 2017
Busia: Seasons on the Farm with My Polish Grandmother.
Kniffel, Leonard (Author)
Feb 2017. 57 p. PolishSon, hardcover, $15. (9780692032947).

“In this charming yet meaty memoir, Kniffel takes readers to a rural Michigan farm in the 1950s, where he spent his youngest days. As a little boy, he was known by the Polish derivation of his name, Lenús. With his mother away working, it was up to his Busia, his grandmother, to care for him, even as the child cares for her. Writing with evocative precision, Kniffel describes life on the farm; his chores, which, despite his age, Lenús performs with aplomb; the wonders on view, lush lilacs, and hidden eggs; the treats, as on Christmas—a miniature gas station under the tree!—and the uncertainty that comes with tornadoes and
landlords whose decisions affect their lives. As the book moves through the seasons, Kniffel’s narrative captures the rhythms of country life as well as the ups and downs of human existence. Everything is important here, from the visit of a telephone man to the visit of a mother. This is a book to be savored, both for its vibrant characters and its quiet meditations on life.”
— Bill Ott

Busia can be ordered online from the Polish Art Center or the Polish Museum of America. Proceeds benefit the Polish Museum and the Hamtramck Historical Museum.

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