Recommended Viewing: Chopin’s Love Life,
or Lack Thereof, on Display


With Hugh Grant playing Frederick Chopin, Impromptu seems an unlikely film to be, as some critics have called it, the best film ever made based on the notorious writer George Sand and her pursuit of the Polish-French composer whose attitude toward amour bewildered and frustrated her, according to this telling. Set in 1830s Paris, the film is particularly notable for Judy Davis’s flamboyant portrayal of, who is causing a sensation in the literary scene not merely for her writing but because of the way she blurs the line between the sexes, often prancing around in men’s clothing. She is also shocking Paris with her attitudes toward marriage, preferring sexual liaisons outside of marriage, with the marital status of her lovers of no concern. The Internet Movie Database notes, “Despite thinking it will be a bore because of their insufferable hostess, she invites herself to a weekend gathering of some of France’s greatest artistic and creative minds–many who are attending solely for a weekend of free food–at the country estate of the Duke and Duchess D’Antan in Angers.” The ensuing antics are great entertainment as well as insight into a period when so many Polish artists and writers took reguge in France, where they produced their greatest work.

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