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I No Crazy

I first saw Jorge, as I later learned was his name, in a party store next to my Spanish hotel in Havana. I guessed that he was in his late twenties–slight and looking not at all, to my way of thinking, Cuban. His brown hair was neatly clipped and his clothes were baggy and old […]

Borrowed Children

In summer, the aunts and uncles traded children, and like exchange students we packed our little suitcases to spend a week in a new home. All the aunts and uncles had children, except Cecelia and Arnold, who were, nevertheless, carefully included in this exchange program, and all of us cousins prepared ourselves for the time […]

A Christmas Drink and a Dollar

Every Christmas Eve, my Polish grandmother would walk out to the barn in mid morning and fetch a handful of straw to put under the tablecloth for good luck. With that, Babcia, as we called her, tied on her flower-print apron and began preparing a meatless supper of twelve courses including cheese-filled pierogi, beet borscht, […]

Christmas on Time

It wasn’t the way a boy of eleven expected to spend his Christmas vacation, but there was Michael walking to the Greyhound bus stop, trying to find his mother. She was supposed to have arrived on yesterday’s bus, but when he went to meet her, she was not there. When he went home and waited […]

The Drive to Christmas

It was one of the coldest Christmas Eves on record. A woman on Detroit’s east side had been found frozen to death, clinging to a chain link fence, at 6:30 in the morning, only two blocks from where she lived. Marsha shivered as she read in the newspaper that the woman’s body had to be […]